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Maziki (formerly Squibbo! Ink Force) is a series in progress.
Maziki logo
Genre parody, action, adventure, comedy
Status active
Years Active 2017 - present
No. of seasons TBA
No. of episodes TBA

Synopsis Edit

4 high school graduates are recruited by the Glitz Princesses, granted with the Brackets of Poseidon, complete missions and battle against Lord Shargo and his armies and allies.

This is a parody of "sentai" type of shows, like Voltron or Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, but with a little more violence, swearing, and hopefully a dysfunctional task force.

Characters Edit

Maziki Force Edit


character portrait chart

Denitrosle "Denim" Inkaro: The navy-colored, sane, care-free leader. He's also an straight-A student but is usually bullied. His bracket is an left wristband.

Canareus "Narry" Culdebound Feltus III: The canary-yellow, anxious, sociopathic genius of the team. He is also the youngest member, at 14. His bracket is a headband.

Parrett Cuptural: The pine-green, soft, confused mascot. He sometimes wears shorts or a skirt, as he treats them equally. His bracket is a collar.

Jaspoureus "Jasper" Gamurie: The fire-red, total jock and douchebag of the team. He attempts to flirt with Princess Glamora and Gaudie, but usually fails. His bracket is a right wristband.

Princess Glamora: The white-colored, vulgar princess of Okeanous. She is responsible for the boys, even though she can't stand Jasper.

Princess Gaudie: The shadow-colored, snarky sister of Glamora. Sometimes, she snorts crushed Sea Hedgers when times are tough.

Carcharotaurus Edit

Lord Shargo: The abusive, yet aggressive great white-subtype king of Carcharotaurus. He also wears the legendary Gauntlet of Poseidon.

Princess Opal: Carcharotaurus' polite, yet dangerous princess and Shargo's sex slave. She had dreams of joining the Ink Force, but it is against the law of her village.

Dala Dae: The timid, super precious monster tamer. Even though he seems harmless, he's only generous and caring to his own alliance and doesn't trust outsiders.

Carcharotaurus' allies Edit

"YetiDream61": A creepy, bearded yeti crab in a rather long trenchcoat. After he was rejected as a recruit, he targeted Narry for his darkest fantasies.

Ribbonista: A pink dolphin with flesh ribbons surrounding their bodies. They are very elegant but tend to be very serious about their appendages and is very fragile skin wise.

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