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Let's Go To Hell, Guys: The Next "Generation" is the continuation of Let's Go To Hell, Guys! , and now follows the adventures of Tarreggoroth, Liam, Softie, and The Matchmaker.

Plot Edit

This season takes place in Baphomet Island, New York; in one of the "oldest" mansions. Typical antics ensue; but there are new choices to make.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

The Matchmaker:


Liam "Co" Riche:


Minor/Supporting Characters Edit

Lotte:  She is a parody of Elsa from the Disney film Frozen.

Cyleane: The Matchmaker's ex-wife. She runs his part of the Loveshack while he's gone. She still despises the fact that she's with "the worst supervillian ever"; and dresses like Greek goddesses when she's not facing their arch nemesis, Dr. Beta. She is a parody of Doctor Girlfriend.

Austin Lancaster:

Susan Lancaster:

Eve: She is a parody of buggy video games, shovelware, and primarily the Atari game E.T.

Rayna the Lamia Queen: She is a parody of Marceline from Adventure Time.

Bancroft "Boxer" Beta:

Chesterfield "Poodle" Beta:

Dr. Beta:

Episode List Edit

Season 1 Edit

The Life of Liam "Co" Riche: Liam falls for Lotte at the Plutonium Ball, there are consequences for dating a Swedish princess.

Softie's Stupid Reality Show About Dogs: Softie gives up baking and starts a reality show about training dogs, but his routines and advice are surely for disaster.

Grooming Farm: While the mansion catches fire, the housemates reside at The Matchmaker's old farm house. His father becomes extremely suspicious.

Eve: A anti-hero group called the Video Gems sends transmissions through Liam's smartphone. He must solve this by being sexually accepted by the least ranked member of the VG.

Spicy Fettuccine: Softie is offered space drugs by the rebel video gem and thinks he's Spicy Fettuccine. Meanwhile, Liam and Tarreggoroth buy too many popsicles and offers them to a furry convention.

Incoming Noise Pollution: The Matchmaker has been recently listening to "Careless Whisper" at full blast.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed in "Grooming Farm" that The Matchmaker's real name is Gideon Lancaster.

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